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Office Policies

Welcome to Pinetree Dental Centre

It is our optimal goal to provide you and your family with the highest quality of dental care while maintaining a friendly and relaxing environment. To keep our standard of care to a level which best serves your dental needs, we ask you to please observe the following guidelines: 



Our office is open extended hours for the convenience of our patients. In consideration of their work schedules and children’s school responsibilities the office is open at 8:00 AM Tuesday - Friday and Saturday appointments are available by appointment so that we can meet your dental health care needs at a time that is convenient for you. 


Cancellation Policy 

Our office requires 48 hours (2 business days) notice to cancel or change a scheduled appointment. 

If less than 48 hours notice is given to cancel an appointment or if a patient does not show up for their scheduled appointment, a $100.00 fee may be assessed.


There are many times when our patients require urgent or emergency treatment and therefore require an appointment as soon as possible. When patients give the clinic advanced notice of their need to cancel a scheduled appointment, this time can, in turn, be allocated to these patients in need of urgent treatment. In this way, the clinic can best serve the needs of ALL patients. 


Please note that insurance companies do not cover fees for broken appointments, therefore payment is the patient’s responsibility.



Our office follows the British Columbia Dental Association Fee Guide published annually. We do not charge above this fee guide.


Payment Policy 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, and Cash as payment. Sorry, no American Express or personal cheques. Payment is due the day that service is rendered. For extensive or elaborate cases, 50% of the total payment will be due before treatment is started and the other 50% when treatment is completed. Insurance Claims will be submitted on your behalf. Please note that not all services may be covered by your insurance carrier and every insurance plan has its own unique “quirks” and exceptions. It is the patient’s responsibility to cover procedures that are not covered by their insurance plan.


Office Policy Concerning Dental Insurance

There are many dental plan options available. Plan coverage is determined by you and/or your employer. The details of your plan are protected by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). While we can help you understand your plan, we do not always know the details of your plan and/or any changes that may occur. 

It is your responsibility to understand what your plan covers. It is important to be aware of any financial limits and changes to your plan. 


Our estimates for insurance coverage are based on the insurance plan details you have given the office. It is most important to understand this is only an estimate. The amount settled by the insurance company may be affected by such factors as annual limits of coverage, non-coverage of certain procedures, etc. We encourage you to be completely familiar with the terms of your dental insurance plan. With your approval, predetermination of insurance benefits can be obtained in advance from your insurance company by our office. This information will be sent to YOU. When you forward this information to us, we can notify you of any possible changes to the fee estimate as a result of the predetermination. On your behalf, we are pleased to submit forms for insurance claims. We accept direct settlement from most insurance plans, which means you will be asked to pay only that portion of the total fee estimated to be your cost. At all times, however, you are responsible for all fees and costs not settled by your insurance plan.


Our first priority is to your oral and general health. Treatment recommendations are based on your individual health needs, not based on your plan coverage.






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